Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Charity Day In. 19 June. Moscow

Showcase of Beryozka shop yesterday, photo by
Yesterday, 19 June, in Moscow it was one of the largest charity event of the last time - Charity Day In. Located in the Patriarch's Ponds area boutiques, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and shops worked this day to raise money for the Fund "Planeta Mira" created by Miroslava Duma.

What a pity that I couldn't participate in this amazing event cause I live in Paris at this moment. But anyway I want to show you some pictures of Beryozka's show-window with Natasha Goldenberg sketched by me decorated for this Charity Day In. Thanks a lot for this pictures to the website! And for Karina Oshroeva for organization of this Charity Day In! I really hope that it will be a great tradition and the next year I could come too! ;-)

Showcase of Beryozka shop yesterday, photo by
A real Natasha Goldenberg and Natasha sketched by me near Beryozka shop yesterday


  1. sooo proud!!!you are my little sweat artist!

    1. I blush............. love you sisi!!!! :-))))