Sunday, June 16, 2013

FIF Group & Mademoiselle Anastasia

Here is my another collaboration with a cool shoes store in Moscow EMU&BLOCH by FIF Group. They have a lot of stylish brands like EMU, Bloch, Mellow Yellow, Janet&Janet and others. We worked together for the second time (do you remember my 8 March's card?)

Do you like the result?

© photo by Wladimir OBROSSOV

BERYOZKA. Moscow. Malaya Bronnaya. Part 3

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry to not post some new illustrations before but I was really tired because of my job and the last year in the University... Today I'll show you some of my last projects (that maybe you saw on my Instagram account @mlleanastasia). And I promise to be more reactive now!

Here is my third collaboration with Beryozka Shop in Moscow, my favorite fashion store with the best choice of accessories and shoes. Thank you, Anastasia Ryabtsova, I'm always happy to work with you!


© photo by Wladimir OBROSSOV

Monday, March 18, 2013

8 MARCH 2013

Here is the picture that I made for FIF Group (shoes distributor in Russia: Bloch, Emu Australia, Very Vintage etc.) and lovely Alla and Rasim Akperov for the 8th March 2013, International Women's Day. 

Here in the rainy Paris I'm dreaming about spring and sunny days, so I tried to put my dreams on paper! What do you think about the result? xoxo

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another Parisian girl

Here is another illustration that I made for the special project of "Parisienne" (fashion shop in Moscow). Amour Toujours?!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Atelier Mercadal: mother and daughter

I met Inès-Olympe Mercadal in Paris a few weeks ago. And I was surprised: joyful, passionate and talkative, she told me all about the Mercadal family and their brand Atelier Mercadal. And I fell in love with this family brand (they'll have an e-shop soon so you'll see their beautiful creations)! Marie-Laure Mercadal, mother (on the left), and her daughter Inès-Olympe (on the right), two Parisians who have a shoes addiction in the blood! What else?! J'adore!

P.S.: A lot of new posts coming soon... Tata Naka Showroom in Paris, Natasha Goldenberg and Ek Thongprasert presentation... Happy Fashion Week! xoxo

Monday, January 14, 2013

More is love

"To a woman more than love to accessories 
is love to another human..."

Very excited to present you my collaboration with the new super cool Georgian e-shop More is Love. I worked with this three girls Nino (from, Tamara and Ani on their logo and website's icons and I'm really proud about it! 

In plus, if you'll buy something on More is Love, you'll receive your order in this cute bag with More is Love logo illustrated by me.

What about the brands, it's a very stylish and amazing selection: Jolita JewelleryChanael K, Cooee, Kenneth Jay Lane, 711 and others... *So me...*

Unfortunately, More is Love ships products to Georgia only. We'll be patient, girls! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from!!!

One of the last projects of 2012 was the collaboration with on their greeting card. 

The girl on the card wear the perfect outfit for the New Year Eve in my opinion. Black lace with a little touch of green, red and gold, of course - 2013's Snake'll be happy I'm sure!!!

And here is the result (from @oprokopova_volha_ Instagram account):

Love you all, my dear readers!
Happy New Year!!!