Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look of the day: Natalie Joos

Today I begin the new heading on my blog that I called "Look of the day". I will sketched some of my favorite street style looks and decrypt them. 

The first heroine of my "Look of the day" it's amazing Natalie Joos and her retro look for Paris Fashion Week. I love so much the color and the style of her dress. And of course it's a great idea to accessories this dress with some sharp-nosed nude shoes and colorful bracelet. And red lipstick! Oops, very retro, very vintage and very estival! I like it so much!

If you have some ideas for the next "Look of the day", just write me a comment with your wishes and I will realize it! xoxo


  1. Je reconnais votre amour! On dirait que votre robe blanche de La Rochelle. Et maintenant que la nouvelle Valentino? Bisous ...))

    1. Hihi) Oui,c'est le même style!) J'aime bien et Valentino surtout! Gros bisous, mummy!)))