Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Mademoiselle Anastasia" have a Facebook page now

Via Instagram: Mira Duma after Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week 2012 by me (coat: Tata Naka)
My dear readers, I completely forget to tell you that me, Mademoiselle Anastasia, have a page on Facebook now. You can follow me and receive some exclusive news about me and my blog!
What you think about?
It will be great too to here your wishes and preferences about this blog!
What you want to change or add here on this blog?
What will be interesting for you?
I will be really happy to hear your answers!

My Facebook: here.

Mlle Anastasia


  1. Мне кажется, что тебе не нужно ничего менять. У тебя замечательный блог, своя концепция и стиль. Ты можешь что-то добавить, но ни в коем случае кардинально не меняй =)

    1. Spasibo tebe, dorogaya, za otvet i za sovet!!! :-)))) Obewayu, chto nichego kardinalno menyat' ne budu! Prosto bilo ochen' interesno mnenie so storoni! ;-))) xxx