Monday, February 13, 2012

Just for inspiration: my girl live in the apartment of my lovely sister...

My readers, specially for you just one picture of my weekend with my sister. This girl live in apartment of my lovely sister it's about one year. This is one of my first illustrations inspired by New York Fashion Week and street-style.
What you think about it? Do you like this idea?


  1. I think it could be the new generation of paper dolls!!! do you remember the one you used to play with when you were little??? the doll made from rigid paper & a ton of different outfits, which you can fix with small folds...

    so, this one must be more advanced generation of dolls wearing not just simple princess Cinderella dresses, but smart Chanel outifits, Prada pumps & Ulyana Sergeenko furs, for the huge pleasure of fashionista kids & also for their mums:))) girls always like to play dolls independently of their age!:)

    1. yeeeeaaaaahhh =))) It was my idea too! Really I thought about it a million times... but it most be our secret, I don't want that somebody will steal the idea... =((((((((((

  2. Какая прелесть! Мне так нравится! =) Креативно и интересно =)

  3. выглядит круто)

    пс. подписалась, надеюсь на взаимность и дружбу)

  4. Lovely sketches, you have talent!
    And nice blog too, following you now!
    Hope you will visit my blog and maybe follow me back =)

  5. I'm always waiting so much for your new posts! This one is amazing! здоровская идея :)

  6. hi i'm following your blog and i gave you a kreativ blogger award
    please check this post

  7. Beautiful! It remainds me to Amelie, with the pic behind! Kisses!