Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY: Bracelets inspired by

I'm in vacation. Exams are finished, my work is over, I most to write the final year project, which we call here the Mémoire. But I have a lot of time for that and the topic that I chose is very inspiring and I did a half of the work in the first semester (even I will need your help for that but later). And now I'm at home. Outside it's the rain. And I'm search for some interesting ideas, I came across a website And this is a result...

If you would be interested by the process of creating these bracelets, I will publish a step by step instructions a little bit later or I can make specially for you some bracelets to order. :)


  1. can'twait for my perfect little treasure!:)

    1. hihi it's will be ready very very soon, my dear!